Photograph wedding

We are a group of pro photographers who specialize in bridal.

Wedding Photo's in Japan.

For those of you who:

could not have a photographer at your wedding ceremony,

have not yet had a wedding ceremony, or who do not plan to have a ceremony but wish to keep framed memories,
we recommend "Photo wedding".

If you would like to have a photo shoot in the traditional Japanese bridal Kimono, Kyoto - with it's historical inheritance is
a highly recommended location.

The "Photo wedding" service is aimed to you who wish to keep photo memories of this once in a life time special occasion.

Your in Japan, why not have a photo shoot wearing the traditional Japanese Kimono in the ancient city Kyoto.

Photo Plan Kyoto

Express the traditional beauty of Japan with the Kimono photograph wedding .

Kyoto - Kimono Style -

For the "Kimono photograph wedding" we focus to bring to light the traditional beauty of Japan.

Choose from our avalible selection of over 20 classical and traditional Kimono's .

The photo-shoot is held on location in the historical and culture filled Kyoto city.

We hope you will enjoy this once in a life time experience in the beautiful and ancient capital, Kyoto.


Photo Gallery

Option (Kyoto only)

An english speaking pro-camera man can accompany and take photographs for you on your tour through the towns of Kyoto.

Imagine, rows of houses lining the old streets with a highly preserved, ancient atomsphere unique only to Kyoto, our historical capital.

Kyoto has a prestigious social status, filled with many old and sacred temples.

We hope to enjoy a photo shoot with you amongest Kyoto's beautiful landscape and scenery in the heart of Japan.

Photo Plan Kobe

A wedding captured only on photographs in a port town city.

Kobe - Dress Style -

Kobe city; also socially prestigious, with many old European houses left from the first foreign settlements, rests between a mountain range which rises up beautifully or one side and on the other, a vast open coast.

At night, the city lights up creating a dramatic and romantic mood.

We have a selection of over 100 wedding dresses avalible.

Kobe's photo wedding plan is recommended for those who are interested in having your bridal photo shoot in a western- stylist port town location.


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The flow of the photo-shoot

1. Inquiry:

Please contact us via telephone, or through the inquiry form provided.

Our professional staff will consult with you on any request you may have.

2. Counseling:

Before the phoot-shoot we will council details with you, such as what image or style you wish for your photographs, costumes etc..


With the assistance of our staff in charge, choose an outfit (dress and tuxedo) for the photo-shoot.

As well, we will help you coordinate accessories and all other small items nessessary.


In the case of only one costume, the time will be 1~1.5 hours of shooting and the total time approximately 3 hours, including dressing time and choosing your photograph.

5.Photograph selection:

Finally,choose your favorite photo out of 100~300 or more cuts on a big screen monitor. (Additional data purchase plans avalible)

6.Delivery of your photogragh:

We have various options plans, such as; delivery of your image by data or in a photo frame.


The location of our studio

Kyoto Studio

202, Okura-cho, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
604-0861 Noah's Ark Kyoto gosyo 2A number room
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Kobe Studio

1-8-1, Higashi-Kawasaki-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo-ken,
650-0044 Puroname Kobe in Harborland 1F
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